Something my grandparents taught me was, “Do the best with what you already have before you go searching for something new.”

That lesson can be applied to our city when it comes to food security. If we look at London geographically, we see that we are surrounded by some of the best agricultural land in Canada.

Farmland in Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford, Perth, Huron and Essex counties is where a lot of our food is grown. Sadly, it passes by London and is transported down Hwy. 401 to the food terminal in Toronto. Why is our locally grown food going to Toronto before I buy it in London?

The needless transportation of fresh food from Windsor to Toronto is wasteful, environmentally irresponsible and it increases the cost of the food for families every day. I see an immediate opportunity for local economic development and food security by creating a food terminal in London. In creating this terminal, we can reduce costs, create jobs, protect our environment and help our local farmers by reducing the distance we ship our food.

Historically, London was a food hub for southwestern Ontario. Farmers would bring their produce straight to market in London and consumers would benefit from having fresh, healthy, better tasting food, being picked at its prime, instead of having it mature on the highway.

With community partners such as the  London Food Policy Council and the London Food Coalition we can work together to address hunger and food waste in our community. We have a great foundation of for making London a zero-waste community and creating an economic driver in agribusiness for southwestern Ontario.

As mayor, I will work to create the opportunities necessary for London to become the region’s food terminal once again

We can make London the centre of a renaissance for locally grown food and agri-business for our entire region. Food sustains us all and having access to fresh food is foundation of good economic and personal health. Why do I want to do this? Because everyone in London deserves fresh healthy food every day. Why? Because in the vision I have for London everyone matters.