Part of my vision as mayor for the Forest City is that every Londoner has a safe place to call home. Nothing is more basic in life that having a safe and decent place to live; without it, people struggle to positively contribute to the neighbourhoods in which they live.

Food Security

One of the best lessons my grandparents — all of whom lived through the Second World War and the Great Depression — taught me was, “Do the best with what you already have before you go searching for something new.”

Economic Development

London is fortunate to have a healthy and robust economy - which is due in large part to our diversity of economic sectors such as health care, education, agriculture, technology, arts, and sports. It is also because of the hard-working people in our community. We have a diverse portfolio with a large customer base, an endless demand for service and a skilled workforce. All of these factors make London a smart place to invest.


Transit in London has a lot of potential - but in the past, has not been provided with the key planning and funding necessary to make it truly great. In fact, I have heard many complaints from many people about long wait times and busses that never even show up. Londoners have needed a smart transit plan for a long time and I was proud to be part of a council that finally listened to them.

Why I Want To Be London’s Next Mayor

Why should you vote for me to be London’s next mayor?

I’m asking for your support because Londoners deserve a vision that’s about tomorrow and not yesterday, not about saying no, but saying yes to what we can achieve together. The world, our country, our province, and our city has changed. We can’t go back to the old ways of doing things. We don’t have time for dusty ideas that slow us down while the world is speeding by.

What I am offering is leadership done differently — leadership that is people-focused and outcome driven. Londoners want leadership that creates spaces for all, including the under-represented. When everyone has the chance to be heard then we all succeed together.

I know that Londoners are having a hard time finding meaningful work because factories today aren’t hiring the same numbers of people as they did in the old days. We have to find a new way to adapt to a rapidly changing economy. I want to work with the trades to find better ways of creating apprenticeships. I want to work with our growing tech sector to help them find the talent they need. I want to work with new entrepreneurs trying to start their first business. I want to work with, and advocate for, our health sector so Londoners get the care they deserve. Most of all I want to work with you to build a more prosperous London.

A critical part of our prosperity is BRT. We are at a point where the needs of our population outweigh the capabilities of our system. Public transportation has to expand, and this growth needs to be well thought out. We have been working on improving transportation in London for 15 years. Since 2014 the city has consulted with thousands of Londoners, businesses, and other levels of government. That is why I stand behind the unanimous decision council made to move forward with the rapid transit plan.

Before being elected to council I created a list of what I wanted to accomplish. I succeeded in those goals. But there is so much more we need to do. My opponents are running on an agenda of undoing the work of the last 15 years, of undoing the work of the last council, of turning back the clock. I thought long and hard about running to be your next mayor and I decided I could not stand aside and watch London take a step backward when we’re on the cusp of a brighter future together.

You have a choice to make. You can choose to take a step backward or to build a London where everyone has a chance to succeed. You can help me build a London that attracts the talent and investment it deserves, to shape a London that is about us and not them. Over the course of this campaign you have the chance to decide who is going to be the next mayor of London.

Your vote for me is the first step in making sure everyone has a chance to be heard and to participate in London’s prosperity. You can help me ensure everyone has the opportunity to build London’s future together. Why should you vote for me? Because in my vision for London, everyone matters.

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